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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions regarding the FreeLife – L'dara unification into Sorvana.


Q: What does the unification mean for the leadership of the two companies?
A: Co-Founders Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier will once again team up to lead Sorvana. Find out more about our Co-founders!

Compensation/Payment Plan

Q: What compensation plan will be used?
A: A new “best of both worlds” compensation plan will launch on November 1, 2016 that will make the Sorvana opportunity more lucrative and exciting than ever before!

Q: What does this mean for my existing title?
A: Any FreeLife ME who has qualified at the Pay Title of SDIV through AIV Diamond in 2016 will be able to qualify at their highest pay title achieved in FreeLife in 2016 up to the correlating title in Sorvana based on the Volume and Balance Qualification only. The structure component (Personally Enrolled Leg qualification) of the qualifications for SDIVs through AIV Diamond will not go into effect until February 1, 2017.

Example #1: A FreeLife ME qualified as an AII as their highest paid title in 2016. The title of AII correlates to the title of Executive Ambassador in Sorvana. Therefore, that FreeLife ME can qualify for titles up to Executive Ambassador based on maintaining 50,000 QV and the 60% balance in the current month. No personally enrolled leg requirement will be needed until Feb 1, 2017. At that time the volume, balance and personally Enrolled Leg requirement will be in place.

Example #2. A FreeLife ME qualified as a SDIV as their highest paid title in 2016. The title of SDIV correlates to the title of Senior Team leader in Sorvana. There for that FreeLife ME can qualify for the title of SDIV based on maintaining 10,000 QV and the 60% balance in the current month. No personally enrolled leg requirement will be needed until Feb 1, 2017. At that time the volume, balance and personally Enrolled Leg requirement will be in place.

Q: What payment system will be used? How will we get paid our commissions?
A: Sorvana will be using Paylution. If you do not already have an account you will need to set one up. Paylution is a third party payment system that allows you to receive payments in your choice of either direct deposit to your bank account or deposited to a pre-paid debit card. Please see detailed instructions for setting up and using a Paylution account. For some of the most commonly asked questions for Paylution within Sorvana/L’dara/FreeLife, please see this document. For even more FAQ’s on Paylution, please refer to the FAQ’s on their website.

Q: Will the Lux Car Club change?
A: The Luxury Car Bonus will continue to exist with minor changes in qualifications that make it easier and more lucrative to qualify. If you are a current L’dara or FreeLife Car Club qualifier, you will continue under the newer structure based on the Sorvana Luxury Car Bonus with your current vehicle (make, color, etc) grandfathered to meet the eligibility requirements. Please see the Sorvana Compensation Plan for details.


Q: How do I enroll new prospects?
A: You can continue to enroll new prospects the same way you always have, throught our CS or in your Business Center, but the Business Center will reflect a slightly different enrollment process that is still very easy.

Q: Will I have personal websites for Sorvana, FreeLife and L’dara?
A: Yes, you will. You’ll be able to use both FreeLife and L’dara now as you see fit. Both will track sales and enrollment as normal. Once the Sorvana website is fully functional, you will have a personal Sorvana website to utilize.

Q: Will there be any differences in the enrollment process?
A: There are a few subtle differences. Primarily in the first-purchase product options for new enrollees. The vast majority of the enrollment process remains the same except that new business enrollees are now referred to as Wellness Partners instead of Marketing Partners (L'dara) or Marketing Executives (FreeLife). All online enrollment will be done through the Sorvana business center or your personalized L’dara website.


Q: I heard the FreeLife product prices and shipping are being reduced, is that true?
A: YES! In order to make obtaining better health and well-being more affordable than ever before, we are lowering most of our product pricing and reducing our shipping charges effective November 1, 2016! Our most popular products including GoChi, Himalayan Goji Juice, Jule of the Orient and Taislim Liquid will be reduced by about 10%! Shipping and handling charges for Sorvana in the US will be as follows: $6.99 per order plus 63 cents per pound for every pound over 5 lbs! This is our way of saying thank you for your continued patronage!

Q: Will the products I love still be available?
A: Yes. All products from both companies will be available for you to buy and sell with no current plans for reduction. As always, we will continue to review product performance and certain products may potentially be either improved or expanded upon or ultimately discontinued in the future. The development of new best-in-class, scientifically validated products is where the attention and excitement will be!

Q: Will my country still be available to order products?
A: Yes, all currently served countries in either company will continue in the unified company.

Q: Will my Advantage Order in FreeLife remain as-is?
A: If you have an Advantage Order with FreeLife right now it will work a bit differently starting in November. That Advantage Order will now be called an Auto-Ship Order (AO) and will AUTOMATICALLY ship out on the 20th of each month unless you “skip” or “cancel” that order or change the ship date to any date from the 1st of the month to the 24th of the month. If you move your AO to the 15th of the month or earlier and you have at least 125QV on that AO, you qualify for our Free Product of the Month! You can easily do any of this by calling our Customer Service or by logging into your back office and doing it online. So please keep in mind that, unlike in the past, beginning November 1, product purchases made before the 20th of the month will NOT prevent that Auto-Ship order from being charged and shipped to you.

Q: What company name will be reflected on my credit card for Sorvana purchases?
A: Your credit card statement will no longer reflect the name FreeLife or L’dara for your product charges but will be reflected under the new name Sorvana. If you have any questions or concerns or would like opt-out of futures orders with Sorvana, please give our friendly customer service team a call and we will happily handle that for you. You will now be eligible for the perks offered within the Sorvana AO program, such as Free Product of the Month and the Loyalty Reward Dollars.

Q: What will become of my Healthy Shopping Dollars?
A: You will be able to use them under the Sorvana Loyalty Rewards Dollars (LRD) Program and start earning up to 30% back on your product purchases! Any existing Healthy Shopping Dollars you had have will be rolled over into the new Sorvana LRD program.

Q: What about business building packs, like the Breakthrough Packs, Quick Start Packs, Health Packs, and TAIslim Packs?
A: There are no longer any Breakthrough Packs or Quick Start Packs. These are replaced with 6 new Sorvana Starter Packs. These new Starter Packs are focused on Wellness, Weight Loss and a Variety Selection. FreeLife’s popular TAISlim Packs are available with most of them having reduced pricing. The Active Lifestyle Pack is also available for purchase at a reduced price.

Back Office

Q: Will I continue to use the FreeLife back office?
A: On November 1, we are migrating over to the new Sorvana Business Center. The Sorvana Business Center is now on the L’dara leading edge business center platform which provides a much more robust and feature-rich back office tool than the FreeLife back office. This will be a great new feature that will help bring your business to the next level!

Q: How will I login to my new Sorvana Business Center?
A: You will use your current username and password from your FreeLife back office or L'dara Business Center.

Q: Will I need to do anything to activate my new Sorvana Business Center account?
A: Yes, you will need to accept the Sorvana terms and conditions in order to activate your account and become eligible for payment. You will also need to activate a Paylution account to receive payment, if you don’t already have one. You can find instructions to do so under the Paylution FAQ.

Q: Will I lose any features moving from the FreeLife back office to the Sorvana Business Center?
A: No, but you will gain features! The Sorvana Business Center is a much more modern and robust back office tool than the FreeLife back office was. You will begin to enjoy a much more useful feature set when familiarizing yourself with your new back office.